Monday, July 15, 2019

Being Free From My Present on 07-14-19

What type of faith are you living now?
Passive faith slumbers  Proverbs 6:10-11
Active relationship rests.
Passive faith takes.
Active relationship takes.
Passive faith runs away.
Active relationship accepts.

Take stock of your faith, have you been going through the motions?
Read Philemon and write down 3 things that you can take from it to help you move your faith to an active relationship.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Chains Of Self Pity on 7-7-19

The Chains Of Self Pity + Niles Christian Assembly  
 Pastor Aaron Newell started a new series today titled Truly Free.  This is the first sermon titled The chains of self pity.  1 King 19:1-18  
 The story so far. The chains of self pity have a short memories.  1 King 19:1-5
 Then Elijah became afraid.
The chains of self pity are locked in solitude.
Getting back on track. 1 King 19:9
 We have to let God in to ask. 1 King 19:11-12 1 King 19:13 1 King 19:15-18 THIS-WEEKS-CHALLENGE
  1. Write down all your excuses you have been using to tell yourself no one has it as bad as you.
  2. Go to your sink or your fire pit, take a lighter and burn them.
  3. Take your bible or device that has your bible on it and read 1 Kings 18:20 & 1 Kings 19:18.
  4. Let God show you His plan and unlock your chains of self pity!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

I Love You 3001- Fathers Day 6-16-19   Re-Create Series: I Love You 3001 on Father's Day.  6/16/19  Luke 15:11-24

Kids are mean.  Luke 15:11-12
And a little bit stupid.  Luke 15:13-14
And a lot more stubborn.  Luke 15:15-16
Inspiration hits.  Luke 15:17
Our own plan.  Luke 15:18-19
Loving 3001 starts with anticipation.  Luke 15:20
Loving 3001 continues with acceptance.  Luke 15:21-22
Loving 3001 celebrates in recreation.  Luke 15:23-24
Loving 3001 doesn't remove the consequences it works through them.  Luke 15:31-32
  1. Think of 1 person, pray for that person that you given up on.
  2. After you prayed for that person call or text them.
  3. Take them for ice cream.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Stepping back Niles Christian assembly 6-2-19

 Today is the first sermon called Stepping back from the series Re-Creation. Step back from the things we carry.  Matthew 11:28 Step back from making it on their own,  Matthew 11:29 Step back from impossible expectations.  Matthew 11:30


 Take time to make a list of the things you have decided you have to do.  The things that only you can do, the things only you can fix. Choose three of those things and draw a BIG RED LINE through them.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

A new way to relate + Niles Christian Assembly 672 North Rd Niles OH 44446
A new way to relate from the series All Things New.
Acts 10:1-4
Acts 10:9-10
Acts 10:28-29   THIS-WEEKS-CHALLENGE   Step out of your comfort zone and begin to build a relationship with someone who is NOT like you. Just listen, don't try to offer answers. Wait for God to open the door to go deeper.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Moms_Matter_Mothers_Day_Sermon_At_Niles_Christian_Assembly 5-12-19  
Give her a break!  Mom's Matter Mothers Day Sermon on 5-12-19  John 6:8-15

He created male and female.  Gen 1:27
Mom's are prepared.  John 6:8-9
Mom's take charge.  John 6:10
Mom's provide.  John 6:11-12
Mom's don't do it for the glory.  John 6:14-15
3 Parts.

Part 1:  Make contact with mom or grandmother or what woman made a significant impact into your life.  Thank her for showing the character of Christ even when know she was doing it.

Part 2:  Slip away everyday for 5 minutes so you can reset and re-center.

Part 3:  Check out stuff Christians like on the web or get a book, also check out Do Over by Jon Acuff.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Where he goes I go only at Niles Christian Assembly   
 Where he goes I go only at Niles Christian Assembly on 4-28-19. Acts 9:1-19

But there are 99 of them.  Matthew 18:12-13
He goes after the lost.  Sincerity and intention don't matter.  Acts 9:1-2
The Damascus moment. Acts 9:3-6
A shift in perceptive. Acts 9:7-9
Going regardless.  Acts 9:10-16, Acts 9:17-19  

  You and I are to play Follow The Leader whoever placed God in your life.  Go wherever He leads you.


Being Free From My Present on 07-14-19

What type of faith are you living now? Passive faith slumbers  Proverbs 6:10-11 Active relationship rests. Passive faith takes. Act...